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The Temiar-English, English-Temiar Dictionary

by Nathalie Means, edited by Gordon P. Means

With the assistance of Temiar collaborators: Abuk Alang, Aleg B. Along, Angek Asoi, Ahud Duga, Kamaruddin, Awin Pedik, Halimah Yunus

Published by Hamline University Press, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1999.





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This first dictionary of the Temiar language represents the combined effort of a team of seven Temiar collaborators working with Nathalie Means over a period of almost a decade on a project to put the Temiar language into written form. The Temiar are one of the aboriginal tribes of West Malaysia. The Temiar are counted as one of the Orang Asli tribal groups, and they are the second largest of the Orang Asli groups, inhabiting the highland areas of Kelantan and Perak.

The dictionary provides full reference and definitions from Temiar to English and English to Temiar for over 2,600 Temiar root words and over 3,800 derivative words.

The Foreword to the dictionary is written by Andrew Hickson in both Temiar and English. He is the son of the anthropologist Sue Jennings who wrote the book: THEATRE AND RITUAL TRANSFORMATION: THE SENOI TEMIARS (London: Routledge, 1995). Andrew Hickson lived in a Temiar village for a number of years and learned to speak Temiar. He says the following about the Dictionary:

"I heartily recommend this dictionary as a good starting point for people wishing to learn the Temiar language and for Temiars wishing to learn English. It is accessible, well laid out and informative."

The dictionary is 175 pages bound in soft cover. It has the following Table of Contents:


Andrew Hickson nemtuh ames kui Temiar 1

Foreword by Andrew Hickson 2

Introduction 4

Basic Grammar and Guide to the Temiar Language 6

Linguistic Structure 6

Pronunciation 6

Adjectives 8

Pronouns 8

Nouns 11

Verbs 12

Adverbs 13

Prefixes, Suffixes and Infixes 14

Numerals 16

Abbreviations 17



Select Bibliography on the Temiar People 174

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The price of the TEMIAR-ENGLISH, ENGLISH-TEMIAR DICTIONARY is US$19.95. Postage (surface mail "book rate) and packaging charges from Minnesota, USA are as follows:

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This volume can be ordered directly from:


c/o Gordon P. Means, 110932 Von Hertzen Circle, Chaska, MN 55318-2704, U.S.A.

A US dollar bank draft or postal money order in US dollars, made out to "THE TEMIAR FUND" should accompany all book orders.

After February 1999, the volume may be ordered or purchased from the Southeast Asian distributor:

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Note: All proceeds from sales of this volume will go first to the recovery of publishing and distribution costs of this volume. Thereafter, all additional proceeds will be donated by THE TEMIAR FUND for the support of programmes to assist the Orang Asli and promote their wellbeing and continuity as a people. Some copies of the Temiar Dictionary will be sent to Malaysia for distribution at minimal cost to Temiars in order to promote adult literacy and the use of Temiar as a written language of communication among the Temiar people.

Enquiries concerning orders for THE TEMIAR-ENGLISH, ENGLISH-TEMIAR DICTIONARY can be sent via email to:

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